Misfits Distraction and Ye Olde Ren Faire


Orignaux Moose

I had originally planned to write about my trip to the Renaissance Festival earlier this week, but something wonderfully distracting came along:  Misfits. Misfits is a British television series that has been around since 2009. I’m late to the party on this one, and I have no idea why. I like my British TV (music and movies too). I try to keep up with these things. But even my mother, who doesn’t follow anything British, had heard of Misfits before me. So disappointed in myself.

The plot goes like this:  Six young adults are doing mandated community service when a freak storm sends lightning and ice crashing around them. When struck by a bolt, they contract special abilities. Now they must contend with their erratic abilities, probation worker, conflicting personalities, and a mess of complications.

Misfits: Nathan and Simon

My favorite characters: Nathan (Robert Sheehan) and Simon (Iwan Rheon)

I am entranced by Misfits. I started the first episode as a break from working on forms, and before I knew it, it was past bedtime. As much as the plot sounds like a B-rated science fiction laugh-fest (which, honestly, I still like), it isn’t. The story is character driven. From the cover photo on Hulu (playing full episodes online for free), I thought it would be a teen drama. Nope, quite adult. The situations, language, and actions all have an adult quality to them, which grounded the absurd powers aspect.

The next day, I only wanted to watch more. It’s the nerd in me—it makes me want to binge on media and distract me from all else, which brings me right back to the beginning of this post:  The Renaissance Festival. For those who don’t know, a Renaissance Festival, or Ren Fest, is a fair that recreates the English Renaissance—or thereabouts. Actors wear historical clothing and perform throughout the day. Vendors, usually also in costume, sell crafts including beer mugs, jewelry, costumes, and artwork.

Last Saturday I made my yearly drive to Ren Fest. I haven’t gone in costume since I was very young, but I love people watching those who do. This year I saw some awesome royalty, gypsy, and pirate costumes. I even saw an Orc! This year I caught performances by The Danger Committee, who juggle and throw sharp things, and Vilification Tennis, who throw insults.

In addition to a wicked sunburn, I brought home the following (click to make bigger):

What shows have you binged on? Have you been to a renaissance festival? Share your experience below!


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